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About the Manual
The pilight manual is a community driven project open for everyone to participate in. The goal is to provide
a multi-lingual and professional software manual for each pilight release. All users are invited to add, edit,
or replace content to their best effort. If you want to contribute then also add your name in the contributor
list below.
The pilight manual is consists of various so called Flat XML ODF documents. This file-type was chosen for
three reasons:
Truly open source and well documented
Easily integrable in existing distribution version control services (in this case GitHub)
Editable by free and open source software like LibreOffice
These individual documents are then combined into a master document. The master documents are
converted into the final pilight manual.
The individual documents are also automatically exported to PDF using the command line features of
LibreOffice and then these PDFs are subsequently converted to HTML by using pdf2htmlEX. These HTML
pages are processed and presented on the website for online viewing.
CurlyMo, pilino1234, wo_rasp