The webserver has some special pages:

  • The config page will present the latest configuration JSON object.

  • The values page will present the latest values of all device.

    The values and config page will by default only show the configuration that applies to a web GUI type. To retrieve the configuration relevant for other GUI types, use the media argument:


New in version 4.0: Send codes through webserver

  • The send page can be used to control devices. To use this function, call the send page with a URL-encoded “send” or “registry” JSON object like this:


    This will send the object as described earlier.

Changed in version 8.0: Implemented REST API instead of posting arbitrary JSON codes

  • The send page has the same functionality as the pilight-send program and uses the same arguments:


    As can be seen, the URL arguments are the same as for the kaku_switch protocol:

    pi@pilight:~# pilight-send -p kaku_switch -H
      -t --on                        send an on signal
      -f --off                       send an off signal
      -u --unit=unit                 control a device with this unit code
      -i --id=id                     control a device with this id
      -a --all                       send command to all devices with this id
      -l --learn                     send multiple streams so switch can learn

    All protocols can be controlled using their respective arguments using the webserver send page as described in this example.

  • The control page has the same functionality as the pilight-control program and uses the same arguments:


    In this case a generic_label device is being controlled