New in version 8.1.5.

The pilight reasons that can be used in the pilight lua event interface

  • pilight.reason.RECEIVED_PULSETRAIN pilight.reason.RECEIVED_OOK

    Tells pilight that a new pulsetrain of OOK pulses are received.

    int length

    The number of pulses counted from 1

    array pulses

    A numeric array with numeric pulses counted from 1

    string hardware

    The hardware module that received the pulses

  • pilight.reason.SEND_CODE

    Tells the hardware module that pilight wants to sent pulses

    int rawlen

    The number of pulses counted from 1

    int txrpt

    How many times should be repeat the sent action

    string protocol

    The protocol being sent

    string hwtype

    The hardware type the protocol uses

    string hwtype

    The UUID of the device that should sent